Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello Mum,
I have been a while in the Netherlands now and it is not cold but a lot of wind. So I got a sweater. Do you like it. I met some new friends. There are pictures of my new friends. Today I have been on a tour on the bicycle. We went to a lake. It is very hard to climb a bicycle as you can see on the picture. Anita and Jacques has ask if I can stay till after 26th October. Then is there 45th weddinganniversary. If the weather is nice they go to the seaside and I am invited. Maybe there will coffee with cakes, yammie.
Next week I go with Anita to a quilt show. In November I will coming home, so I will be with my family before christmas.
Anita put some pictures of me on her site:
Love you mum
Bear bear


  1. Oh I love your new Jumper and sound like a great time your having. Remember to be on your best and have a great time
    Love Mum xx

  2. Wow you are certainly getting to see the countryside on the back of a bike!

  3. Hi, hi, hi, I like to see myself on the internet.
    Love Bear Bear