Saturday, June 26, 2010

The beach

We checked out the local beach during the week, this is some of the coast line off South Taranaki...

The wind was blowing and the clouds looked threatening...

The second cliff face you can see in the picture is actually the edge of Shells new farm! Far too high to fish from, but there has been mention of it being a great place for hand gliders or kite surfing. The water looks far too cold for this little bear though!

I would much rather stay and look at the view from the comfort of the car!
Shells DH often goes out on his kayak for a fish, kahawai, blue cod, lemon fish... Mmmmm...

Just a few more days before my travels continue, we have one or two more sights on the list so let's hope the weather co-operates!

Until next time
Bear Bear

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  1. What fun I love to walk the beach on windy days as the best thing is after when you come home to a watm house and a great cup of tea. Have fun Big Hugs Mum