Sunday, June 13, 2010

Well I'm here in Taranaki staying with Michelle from So far I have helped Michelle and her family shift to their new farm job, we have explored the farm in between showers of rain, once we got stranded in an old haybarn...

And we've been doing lots of shopping...

First off we bought some mittens to keep my paws warm! And then headed off to the LQS, 'Cinnamon Lodge'

This is the fabulous Claire who owns the shop, I got lots of snuggles and got to see a lot of great quilts too! The quilt I am sitting on has six blocks that are weaved from bias strips (sorry the photo doesn't show it very well) to form different patterns. The one behind us with the Matryoshka dolls was so pretty.

There were lot's of little nooks and crannies to explore

And I made some new friends

And just look at this beauty

There's such a lot of work gone into this quilt, it's going to look stunning when it finished!

Unfortunately I cant share what I bought here yet, as it is for my next host!
We have plans to do a little sightseeing as soon as the rain stops, so make sure you check back here soon.

Bear Bear


  1. I see you have a lot of fun with your host. I hope you don't get to tired because I am you last host. And hope to have fun with you to.
    Love Anita

  2. Bear Bear, you've been in one of my favourite Qult shops in NZ and with the lovely Claire! Glad you're having fun.

  3. OMG what fun you are having and to think I couln't get a post bag to fit us both. I think we will have to do this trip again becouse that quilt shop lookd like a great place to vist and I loved to play in the hay as a little girl ( the nices think on a cold day). Enjoy the rest of your trip carn't wait to see what you do next big hug Mum XXXXX

    PS have to really save hard now ..........